5 Surprising Things You Need to Know Before Going On a Desert Trip

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Generally, desert traveling is fun and adrenaline-boosting kind of adventure to embark on. But at times this kind of trip could be challenging if you fail to plan before embarking on it.

Desert is no doubt one of the most daunting places (a place to be avoided) on earth for most people, but some tourist who has toured around this arid wilderness has confirmed it to be a place worth going.

Beyond the cliche of sand, rocks, and grits that make it look like a place of desolation; you get to see more fascinating views, rare wild animals and so on. In fact, the experience of being there is so out of the ordinary.

However, before you embark on this trip, there are some essential tips you need to have in mind that makes the desert tour more joyful and successful, and they’re as follows:

#1 You must be in the right frame of mind:

One of the basic knowledge you need to have in mind before embarking on any desert tourism is being in the right frame of mind. In a general sense, desert trips are fun-filled but they can be unpredictably tough at times too. So, If you fail to thoroughly prepare mentally and physically, and a spontaneous challenging situation arose, your trip might end up in ruin. Advisably, before you take on any desert trip, make sure you are not only in the right frame of mind, be determined and have a sense of adventure, then you are set to go.

#2 You must put together a travel checklist:

Before setting off on desert adventure, it is pertinent you put together things that will sustain you and as well make the journey fun-filled. In some cases, your tour guide will most likely take care of all the necessities, but still, there are few things you shouldn’t forget to bring with you when you set out on a desert tour -- although they come in handy. They are as follows:


Yes, this is an obvious one and also one of the basic rules for any desert trip. When touring around the desert, you never can tell when you would become dehydrated. Due to the weather there, you will find yourself amazingly taking more water than you would ever consume at home. That’s why you must keep this in mind. Note: The appropriate recommended bottle is a minimum of 64-ounce which is approximately 1.9 liters.


Don’t see this as a fashion accessory but as protective wear. When touring, the sun bouncing off the desert sands are very harsh to the eyes. However, wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses could make a world of difference in your comfort and safety levels.
Note: Opt for the one that is fitting to your face and make sure it’s with a strap -- so you don’t lose them easily while exploring the region.


Here is another important object you must come along with. It’s crystal clear that the intensity of the desert sun is pretty harsh, and exploring without wearing a hat is very discomforting. Advisably, experts recommend you wear something light and breathable with a wide enough brim to protect the most sensitive part of the body -- your face, ears, neck and shoulders.

Hiking Sandals:

This is another crucial thing you’ll need especially when you're planning to go on hikes and spending a good portion of the tour on your feet. So, make sure that the sandal you’ll bring along will comfortably fit and provide you with arch support, too.

A bandana or scarf:

Actually this is one of that multi-purpose must-haves you’d want to come along with especially when you forget to bring your hat -- you’ll use it to protect your top head and when it gets too hot, you can soak it in water and tie it around your neck for a cool effect. Additionally, it can also be used as dust masks if it gets windy.


This should not be too bulky, but it has to be pretty spacious to fit all the essentials you'll have on you. Other necessary stuff you need for the tour are also: wet wipes, eyes drop, hand sanitizer, earplugs, bug spray, toilet paper, tweezers and so on.

#3 You must have a light meal ahead of the departure time:

To save yourself the embarrassment of an upset stomach when exploring the desert, it’s always advisable to have a light meal at least an hour before setting off. Of course, you understand your entire body system, especially your stomach, better than anyone else, so avoid eating anything that could upset it. Remember "desert riding and dune bashing" can be bumpy; eating fatty or spicy food can upset your system, therefore restrain from it.

#4 You need to know the best time to take on desert tourism:

Desert is no doubt lands of extreme conditions -- harsh but beautiful. That’s why it is paramount that you have a piece of detailed knowledge about its weather conditions before you embark on it. Well, the favorable time to embark on this expedition is when temperatures are milder and the worst time to set off is when the temperatures reach dangerous heights -- that is when the heat is physically unbearable

#5 You must have a basic understanding of where you’re going and plan on it:

Yes, as a newbie who is about to set off on a desert expedition, it’s wise to know certain facts about the particular desert you plan to explore. In fact, with this information, you’ll find it easier to plan a comfortable desert trip. Desert tourism isn’t just any trip, it requires adequate preparation before it can be fun-filled.