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Help And Booking

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Use Our Internal Messaging System

As Emails became less efficient to communicate. We highly recommend to sign up (less than 20 seconds) to use our requests system. This is the best way communicate with the team and get the best assistance. To book any tour, you will need to sign up too. When you will sign up and email with a confirmation link will be sent to your provided email.

Book Your Perfect Travel Experience

Browse our private tours

Our website is structured and designed to give you a great user experience. Tours are sorted into categories representing almost all your needs and travel styles. You can browse our private tours directory and choose the one that fits your requirements.

Make a booking

Once you find your perfect private tour, check if the duration and party size are reflecting your travel parameters. If not, you can update them and then click on the button “Update Price”. Then you can book your tour by hitting the button “Book Now”. If you are logged in, you will continue the next steps of the booking process. If not, you will be invited to provide your email and password. A confirmation email will be sent to you to activate your account. If you don’t receive it, please make sure you provided the correct email address. Some email servers are blocking our notification emails like Apple and sometimes hotmail. When you will activate your account, you will be redirected to the booking page where you can go to the payment step.


You can pay using your credit card or PayPal. In case your credit card didn't work, please contact your bank and let them know it was just you. They tend to consider overseas online transactions as frauds. If you still have an issue with the payment please contact us


A booking without payment is confirmed. Only invoices with paid deposits are confirmed and have guaranteed departures. Please read your invoice carefully and make sure the details you provided are correct. We are not responsible for any misunderstanding. If you apply any change to your invoice, please let us know by message or email.

Get a free quote anytime

You can contact us anytime to clarify all points you want. You can decide to book later. Please put in mind that we are a small family business and our resources are very limited. We have few great drivers/guides. We have few cars. Great Riads have generally between 8 and 10 rooms. So if you want the best, please make sure you book earlier.

Last minute booking

For last minute bookings, we promise we will do our best to provide you the best.

Help Me Plan My Trip

  • Can't find what you're looking for?
  • You have no idea about what you want to do?
  • You have your own trip idea? Places to discover and things to do?
  • You have special requests (special diet, medical attention requirements, ...)?

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