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Morocco Travel Destinations

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Should you travel to Morocco? , What is Morocco?

There isn't a humble nor straightforward way to answer these questions, so brace yourself for what you are about to discover.
Let's start with the logistics shall, Morocco is a leading northern African country located exactly by the edge of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other.

The kingdom of the west is known for its variety in cultures and history, inhabited since at least the Paleolithic Times, recent data shows after the discovery of Homo sapiens fossils in mountain Irhoud, Morocco has indeed been home to our great ancestors of 315,000 years ago.

For many decades this rich land has adopted multiple nations generously offering them shelter and a sense of belonging, from indigenous Berbers, Romans, and the Arabs, inflating this magical kingdom's heritage with a buffet of legacies and stories.

Morocco is a special place where no matter where you come from, will always make you feel like you are finally home as it allows you to connect with your instincts and emotions on a deep healing level, making your visit a therapeutic session in its nature.

Otherwise named El Maghrib, this aesthetic country is known for its variety of landscapes and climates, due to its favorable location, Morocco was blessed with an incredible series of mountains named the Atlas Mountains, where Toubkal the highest peak is located, to boot, It also has a spacious land colonized by massive dunes made of sparkly, golden sand. These variant atmospheres allowed Morocco to mother a scale of animals and plants, for instance, the Fennec dessert Fox, the Sandfish Skink and the Argan trees found only in southwestern Morocco, and many more.

Its golden Sahara Desert has and is still attracting many artistic eyes attempting to use its unmatched beauty, like in the movie Gladiator.
Did you know that it was filmed in Morocco? the filming precisely took place in Ouarzazat, a city viewed as a portal to the rough desert and nicknamed El Maghrib's Hollywood.

All of these aspects immensely magnify the value of this country, thus earning the attention of many curious travelers who simply want to enjoy the untouched nature, such as the wide range of beaches and landscapes, others are determined to learn about its historic attractions such as Al-Qarawiyyin, the oldest operating and the first-ever degree-awarding university in the world.

Finally, there are the food enthusiasts, like us! on a mission to satisfy their starving taste buds, Guests who have fallen victims to the seductive, colorful, and traditional food.
We happen to be very common, therefore, if you are seeking luxurious Moroccan dishes, such as the delicious Pastilla or the seven vegetable Couscous, or the more delicate and common ones, in particular, the creamy Tangia, a must-try delicacy found in the red city; Marrakech, and of course the tasty Tagine. What makes these yummy courses even more unique is that they are made with local organic ingredients, offering your mouth the chance to savor the real taste of each participating component.

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