Embarking on a Trip to the Desert? Here are the 10 Most Important Items to Carry Along with You

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It is a beautiful experience to enjoy a wild ride in a hot desert afternoon during the holiday periods. The silence in the environment, the sun shining bright above your head and the hot sand below your feet all make for a great adventure.

However, if you don't have the right items with you, it would be difficult to enjoy all the amazing treats the desert offers. As a result, when you're planning to go on a desert trip, it is recommended that you get the following items in place:

1. Water

This is the first thing that must appear on your packing list if you're planning to go on a desert trip. It is recommended that you go with plenty of water as the possibility of getting dehydrated during hot and dusty desert days is very high. You should drink a gallon of water per day. Having some reserve quantity in your vehicle is also a nice backup idea.

2. Wide hat

Your adventure in the desert would put you under the hot sun for long hours. Hence, you'd need something to provide your head with some protection against the effect of the dangerous weather. Having a normal cap won't be enough. It is necessary you go with a wide hat - wide enough to cover your neck against sunburn and keep your eyes away from the sun.

3. Structure for shade

A shade structure is another important item that needs to follow you to the desert. This becomes very useful if you're spending some time in one spot. It usually gets very hot and sunny during the afternoons in the desert. Having a canopy of some sort that would shield you from the hot weather and provide you with some comfort when you need to take a rest is highly recommended.

4. Sunglasses

You wouldn't like to return from a desert trip and start having problems with your eyes. As such, it is important to put in the right measures to protect your eyes against any danger while you're enjoying your ride. Having a pair of good sunglasses in your desert trip packing list is essential. The eye is the lamp of the body, it must be well protected.

5. Toiletries

You shouldn't discard your regular hygiene routine just because you found yourself in the middle of a dessert. Make sure you take all the regular necessary toiletries with you when you set out for a desert trip. Things like face wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, comb, soap, body wash, body lotion, etc should be in your bag.

6. Down Jacket

Well, this sounds strange, isn't it? You probably wouldn't need a down jacket in a very hot desert environment. But, what if you find yourself stranded at night? You'd be under extreme risk of hypothermia if you do not have warm clothes to put on. The desert - despite its insane hotness at daytime - sees some of its locations drop below freezing during the night. Hence, having a down jacket would come out handy at those moments. Although you might not use it, it is a safety measure just in case.

7. First-Aid kit

A First Aid kit is another item that shouldn't be excluded on your packing list if you're planning to go on a desert trip. Such trips could produce a few unexpected circumstances, especially on your health, and you need to be prepared for them. Whether it is just a little cut, a scraped knee or a minor headache, having a First Aid kit will help you attend to emergencies quickly.

8. GPS and Maps

It would be a poor decision to wander into the desert without having a GPS with you, and even a bigger one not to go along with a map you can access offline. Having applications such as Google Maps will assist you to navigate your way properly during your desert trip. It is advised that you download Google Maps for Offline, to be prepared for internet service failures. You can even go with a manual map.

9. Bug Spray

No one wants to be a victim of insect attack when enjoying a cool evening rest after a hot afternoon ride in the desert. You could encounter bugs, mosquitoes, flies and other insects that could give you a tough time. Hence, you should consider going with a bug spray and other insecticides to deal with such threats and keep your experience pleasurable all through.

10. Matches or Lighter

These are small items that are easy to forget when planning to go on a desert trip but you need to ensure you go with them. If you get stuck and need to camp overnight, fire starters would help you to make campfires, which would provide you with warmth and illumination. That could also be another interesting part of the story to tell your friends when you return. ​