Xaluca Sidi Ali



Nestled amidst the pristine beauty of Aguelmame Sidi Ali, Xaluca SPA Hotel Aguelmame Sidi Ali beckons travelers to a truly unique and enchanting escape. This splendid hotel is a testament to the perfect harmony between nature and relaxation, where guests can immerse themselves in the serene embrace of Morocco's breathtaking landscapes. Housed in a lovingly restored former refuge, the hotel seamlessly blends the historic charm of the location with modern comforts, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that promises both comfort and lasting memories.

As you step into this tranquil oasis, you'll be embraced by the serenity of nature, with opportunities to explore the surrounding beauty or unwind in the rejuvenating spa. The heated pool offers leisure and relaxation, and whether you're seeking a romantic getaway, quality time with family, or a memorable gathering with friends, Xaluca SPA Hotel Aguelmame Sidi Ali invites you to experience the perfect fusion of natural wonders and pure relaxation. Here, your stay is not just a getaway; it's an invitation to create cherished memories in an idyllic setting that captures the essence of Moroccan hospitality and the beauty of the Atlas Mountains.


  • Address: Aguelmame Sidi Ali, Midelt Morocco