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Azar Restaurant



Azar Restaurant is a delightful dining establishment located in the heart of Gueliz Marrakech, Morocco, known for its fusion of Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisines. The restaurant offers a captivating journey through the flavors and traditions of the region, with a menu that highlights the aromatic spices and diverse ingredients that make Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisine so enticing. The restaurant's interior is a visual feast in itself, adorned with ornate Moroccan decor, plush furnishings, and colorful mosaic tiles, creating an inviting and exotic atmosphere for diners.

Azar Restaurant is celebrated for its array of succulent tagines, grilled meats, and mezze dishes, each prepared with a commitment to freshness and quality. The chefs take great pride in presenting traditional dishes with a contemporary twist, offering a modern take on beloved classics. With its warm and attentive staff and a dedication to serving exquisite cuisine in a captivating setting, Azar Restaurant provides an unforgettable dining experience that immerses guests in the rich culinary traditions of Morocco and the Middle East, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking an authentic taste of the region in Marrakech.

Restaurant Details

  • Openning Hours: 7 PM - 1 AM
  • Address: Rue de Yougoslavie, Marrakech
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