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Why including Marrakech on your holiday bucket list is a must?

Apart from Marrakech having the most culturally rich background in Morocco, which includes the traces of its former Roman legion's inhabitants, additionally, the Berber tribes made sure to leave their history engraved in every inch of the ochre city. While they pitched their campsites on the deserted swath of land which would become Marrakech as a result.

Marrakech has been founded a thousand years ago by the Almoravid dynasty. The ochre city was influenced by the Arab and Islamic heritage, which made it abundant with different traditions that were gained throughout the years. on your next vacation to this legendary city, be prepared for the beautiful overwhelming colorful souks and the architecture that dates to nearly a thousand years ago. Marrakech will make sure to leave you speechless as you visit its old palaces such as El Bahia Palace and El Badi Palace admiring their intricate lines.

What makes each building unique is the story behind its existence, the people who once lived there, their daily routine, who ruled them and how did they manage to coexist with all the different influences.

You also must be prepared to be flabbergasted by the hidden gardens and the old fountains that are still running with fresh water to this day.

Even more, Marrakech was once an official imperial city in western Morocco, which gives this masterpiece an even more important advantage, that being, the clashing of many cultures and traditions that were picked up from its admiring visitors.

This city has so much to offer to its guests, including the beautiful green Berber villages located in the Atlas Mountains. who barely know what the word internet means, their innocence is apparent through their hospitality and stretched smiles.

Marrakech is also known for its exquisite cuisine. it will enchant you only by the tiniest swift of the aromatic air, filled with the dreamy mixture of the smoky tender meat, the infamous Tangia and the delicious colored dishes such as Berber Tajines and the seven vegetables Couscous and much more. But wait, the fun does not stop here, if you are an enthusiast of the delicately, luxurious and freshly prepared dishes, we've got you covered, Marrakech homes, multiple five-star grand restaurants like El Mamounia line, Royale Mansour and many more whit that being said whether your goal is to learn different traditions and cultures, or to discover new cuisine Marrakech is the city to visit.

Marrakech holds many secret treasures and wonderful experiences so we are a hundred per cent sure that your holiday with us will indeed be magical.

We believe and recommend putting Marrakech at the top of your travel list. because our main goal is for You and your families to learn as many cultural pieces of information, from cooking to normal Berber day to day life.

Secret hint, your experience with us might include riding donkeys or picking vegetables from a local private barbarian family garden or even more exciting, both.

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