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Erg Chigaga, otherwise named Edaya El-Hamra, is one of the most elegant ergs in Morocco.

This untouched treasure is made of silky smooth golden sand, with dunes 150 meters above the surrounding landscape and occupies an area of approximately 35 kilometres by 15 kilometres, it is the largest and wildest erg of Morocco.

The road to Erg Chigaga itself is full of amazing sites, travellers often prefer this erg not only for the special experience it has to offer but also for the journey that takes them there, as it allows them to enjoy the route without the slight hint of boredom.

Just the trip is often compared to being part of an old Saharan movie, full of beautiful mountains, grand valleys and occasional Berber villages with their inhabitant offering you their innocent smiles and welcoming waves, This spectacular slideshow is overwhelmed with ancient kasbahs and extraordinary rocky mountains, allowing you to gaze at a hidden life away from any modern fuss, it is a calm trip existing for the sole reason to blow your senses to a new enticing dimension.

We strongly recommend Erg Chigaga to all of our tight net clientele, why? you may ask, well there is a variety of reasons, but the most important one of them all is without a doubt the experience, You get to experience the desert life from behind the scenes, it is as magical as one can imagine, from the fiery sunset that unravels a pitch-black sky lightened with clear and bright stars almost the size of a light bulb floating all around you, this trip will exquisitely shock your senses as you soak your bare feet into the warm golden Saharan sand, sipping on the traditional Berber tea and listening to the calm Berber music, as exciting as this may sound it sure doesn't give enough credit to this journey.

Travelling on your holiday to Erg Chigaga is an elegant update to your Moroccan vacation, where you will get to participate in activities that make a routine to an original Saharian, such as camel trekking to eating the Berber traditional dishes prepared to you by locals to get the full experience.

You have got to include Erg Chigaga in your itinerary if you're aiming to live this journey to the fullest since this masterpiece offers many activities such as snowboarding, quad rides or just casual walks with your loved ones while reminiscing on precious memories.

This luxurious Saharan trip is culturally rich and reputed by people with artistic eyes. it is common to find painters immersed in their painting boards or enthusiastic photographers rushing to capture the sweet moment when the sun's rays caress the sandy dunes to create the perfect picture of shadows that enhance the magical beauty of Erg Chigaga.

Travellers who were once audience to Erg Chigaga find it hard to leave and usually come back in hopes to relive the exotic feeling they once felt on-site, Even Moroccans don't fall into the mistake of missing out on visiting the rich Saharan desert.

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