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Most of you have been to the sea at some point in your lives, what if I told you that in Morocco we have an ocean made of gold?

Yeah! you read that right, we do indeed have a never-ending golden ocean called Merzouga which is a small town located in south Morocco leaning on the Algerian borders.

Merzouga was once believed to be a tropical jungle until it was cursed by God and flooded by towers of sand when the families who lived there refused to help a poor woman.

This urban legend circulated the world and attracted many curious adventurers, who offer this story life and credibility after witnessing the outstanding and overwhelming Merzouga dunes holding the highest Saharan sand mountain at an elevation of 160 meters.

Travelling to Merzouga is a once in a lifetime adventure that will teach you the true life of Saharan people, who to this day are untouched by any modern life, insisting on protecting their ancient ways of getting by, it is here where you will see travelers in their blue Haik marching and leading their herds to a place where they can find water and stay in for the night in their tents.

You must not miss the opportunity to travel to Merzouga for you will witness the wildlife that you can only see in the desert such as the cute Fennec Fox, sandfish, and of course camels, this magical town is known for being home to unusual reptiles including the beautiful Berber skink, the fringe-toed lizard as well as chameleons.

Tourists who travel to Merzouga would always describe it as finding a hideout away from the stressful city fuss, a place that does not allow you to think or reminisce, Merzouga takes your breath away with its marvelous beauty and fill your lungs with new fresh air, therefore, if you are seeking a fresh start for your mental health and well being Merzouga is one of the top places we recommend to our clients.

We shouldn't forget about the delicious food, made to hit every taste bud you never knew you had, visiting this incredible town will teach you that there are other ways to cook and make tea you don't need a stove to make delicious food all you need is passionate locals and fire to make you simple yet luxurious meals for your hungry tummies.

Our team strongly insists to make Merzouga part of your travelling itinerary we believe that travelling to Morocco's unique sandy ocean will change your lives and perspectives forever, plus you will get to see a new kind of wildlife where animals and plants are different from your local street trees, Merzouga makes the best attraction site for people who are hungry to release their stress and anxiety just by a single look a the starry night sky that is only possible to see in the Sahara desert of Morocco.

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