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Welcome To Fes

Fez is your next travel destination. Why do you ask?

Well, the answer is simple, travelling to Fez is equivalent to discovering a whole new dimension.

Apart from it, being ruled by different empires throughout the 9th to the 11th century. Fez housed the oldest existing and continually operating degree-awarding educational institution in the world; called The Madrasa, otherwise named al-Qarawiyyin, which was built in the year 875 and

Morocco made sure to treasure its exotic design for all of us hungry travellers to unravel.

The fun does not stop there, since Fez is also considered by all Moroccans, a grand theatre showcasing the very first start of the Islamic storming in Morocco, allowing it to be, magnificent in its density of overwhelming monuments of religious, civil and military characters, like for example, the grand Moulay Idriss mausoleum, which was built by Moulay Ismail in the late 17th and early 18th centuries who relocated the cadavre of Moulay Idriss into the museum, hence its name, and other historical monuments such as Bab Bou Jloud and Dar Batha.

In other words, Fes is the best travel destination for you, not only for its old majestic buildings scattered all over the old city but, for the rich ancient stories written all over its walls. travellers who were once guests of this wonderful historic land would often describe their experiences as travelling inside a time loop, that takes you back to when life was more sophisticated.

To boot your travel experience, will also offer you a new vision of a universe you never knew existed. for instance, the traditional leather tanning and its variant colours, The majestic Ahmed Al- Tijani's Mausoleum with its extravagant architecture and last but certainly not least, the breathtaking overview of the Saffarin Hammams domes. all of these piece offerings will change your perspectives about things regarding how everything should be done or dealt with in your normal life. since, it is here that you will be able to observe craftspeople sculpting copper, iron and wood, and making weavings or embroidery before your own eyes, giving you the chance to appreciate the improvement that our societies have accomplished.

Furthermore, the magical Urban landscapes that are surrounding the city, act as shields protecting their princess from any modern influence, making it an even special destination for your holiday, with that being said, if your goal is to be wowed on your vacation, your next move must be hitting the road towards our gorgeous city, Fez.

So after considering all these favourable factors, we concluded that your trip with us is sure to be highly informative. therefore, we highly recommend adding Fez to your Travel checklist to satisfy your senses and curiosity about Morocco's rich history.

Note that if you happen to be a food enthusiast like our family, we happen to have that Extremely important area covered as well. because, Fes is also known for its traditional tasty goodies, which makes this beautiful city an excellent travel destination to enchant your tummy with luxurious and colourful meal courses.

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